Letter to my 16 year old self

Letter to my 16 year old self


So I’ve been feeling really nostalgic lately, it kinda comes and goes like sea sickness on a boat. Usually I get very nostalgic before my period so I can only assume that when i’m done writing this I will be reaching for a tampon. Since I have been running out of ideas of what to write I went to google and searched “good blog topics” and found the idea of this topic on one of the searches.…

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How to be a friend.

How to be a friend.


Friendshipis seriously the greatest thing ever, just like the saying “friends are family you choose”. I am a firm believer that friends and friendship makes the world go round. In life we go through many different friends. People tend to come in and out of our lives, we grow apart, we grow older, we move, and so on and so on. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend last week and…

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Anatomy of a crush.

Anatomy of a crush.


Drinking game: Every time you read the word crush, take a shot of alcohol. I had a encounter with my crush this morning AND last night I was talking to my best friend about crushes. I was telling her that I didn’t have an every day crush and I needed one. Since I work an hour away from where I live its important to note that a work crush is not the same from an every day all around crush. This…

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Weekend Recap: Joechella, Like Coachella but better.

Weekend Recap: Joechella, Like Coachella but better.

For those of thinking my blog is going to be a place where your going to learn something new, or I’m going to be witty, funny or insightful, think again. I’m just going to write whatever is on my mind, or ideas, stories or anything I can think of. With that being said, I decided to just write about my weekend. I went to a really fun party/event, it was a party but felt like an event. So anyways,…

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This child is going to make my ovaries explode.